Streetscapes - Bawa
Rashed AlAraifi


Sale price1,200 KWD

In Streetscapes, AlAraifi explores a more intricate variation of his overarching theme of visual memoirs. Utilizing his unique technique of "color stacking," the artist constructs layers of different mediums. He initiates the process with ink and charcoal, which forms the base layer for a highly animated oil pastel layer, followed by colored pencil. The combination of these layers harmoniously coalesces into a visual symphony depicting a lively local market.

“Through descriptive stories and photographic archives passed down from my father’s generation, creating these works is how I try to relive these memories.”

Artwork size: 43 x 31cm.

Price includes floating mount behind glass framing

Oil pastel, ink & charcoal on handmade KHADI paper
71 x 57.5cm.

certificate of authenticity

This artwork comes with a proof of ownership called a Certificate of Authenticity.