Yemeni, B. 1995

Rajaa AlHajj is a self-taught Yemeni artist who began her career in 2016. She uses drawing as a method to extract and explore her subconscious thoughts and emotions. Primarily inspired by Surrealism, with its striking and dreamlike elements, and Cubism, with its radical approach to perspective, Rajaa’s artworks present metaphysical realms characterized by drifting forms and entities that merge seamlessly into one another.

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In her more recent works, Rajaa has introduced the subject of mechanics into her distinctive style, questioning the speed at which these technologies are becoming a part of our everyday visual landscape.

Rajaa has recently participated in the inaugural Riyadh Street Art Festival throughout November (2023). She has participated in group exhibitions such as the Volta Art Fair in Switzerland via the Athr Foundation (2022), Shara Art Fair, Saudi Arabia (2021), and Muraba’ Seen Gallery, Saudi Arabia (2019). Rajaa is also a photographer and actor, starring in the Saudi Arabian short film, ‘Getting Away’. Since 2017, Rajaa has been working alongside fellow Saudi Arabian artist, Yasmeen Sudairy, creating a series of collaborative artworks and sculptures.

The Capable Machine - gallerybawa

Exhibition History

2022 Athr Foundation, Volta Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland 

2021 Maan Initiative, Shara Art Fair, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

2020 Group Exhibition, Basmah Felemban Studio, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

2019 Group Show, Muraba' Seen Gallery, Jeddah, YSA, Athr Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia