Saudi Arabian, B. 1981

Yasmeen AlSudairy is a Saudi Arabian artist based in Jeddah. Her artworks are created from a drifter's mindset, gravitating towards recurring patterns and obscured shapes. She arranges her forms within an organized chaos characterized by a stark contrast in color and repetitive visual rhythms. Motivated by the information overflow of today’s age, Yasmeen attempts to evoke an optical distortion from her daily visual references, aiming to corrupt the subject’s form and intensify its impact. Scroll below for Yasmeen's extended biography.

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Yasmeen's artistic process alternates between conscious mark-making and instinctive improvisations. Such results reflect the artist's innermost self in relation to her immediate environment.

Yasmeen completed her Bachelor's degree in Fine Art at the University of Hull, United Kingdom (2005), and went on to complete a Master of Science in Internet Computing (2007). She resumed her education with a Master of Fine Art Practice at the School of Visual Arts in New York (2013). Yasmeen has participated in exhibitions such as the Volta Art Fair, Switzerland (2022), Shara Art Fair, Saudi Arabia (2021), ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles, USA (2015), The Hole, New York (2014), and Queens Museum, New York (2013). During her academic break, Yasmeen worked on projects including Bidoun Magazine, an online publication focusing on filling the gap between arts and culture coverage in the Middle East, where she was a contributing author. Since 2017, Yasmeen has been working alongside fellow Yemeni artist, Rajaa AlHajj, creating a series of collaborative artworks and sculptures. 

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2013 MFA Art Practice, School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York.

2007 MSc Internet Computing, University of Hull, Scarborough Campus, Scarborough, UK.

2005 BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Hull, Scarborough Campus, Scarborough, UK.

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Exhibition History

2022 Athr Foundation, Volta Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland 

2021 21,39, The Secrets of Alidades, Jeddah

2021 Maan Initiative, Shara Art Fair, Jeddah

2020 Group Exhibition at Basma Felemban Studio, Jeddah

2018 Performance “The Straight Circle” Al Balad, Jeddah

2016 Introductions (with Angela Conant), La Mama, New York.

2015 Anxiety Social Club, ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles, CA.

2015 Highways and Rest Stops: Passages in Current Practice, SVA Gallery, New York.

2015 Let the Cobbler Stick to His Last, ISCP, Brooklyn, New York.

2015 Deuteranope (with Angela Conant), ICA Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.

2014 Homesickness, Glasshouse, Brooklyn, New York.

2014 Maspeth’s World of Wheels (M-WOW), Knockdown Centre, Brooklyn, New York.

2014 (Part of Harm Van Den Dropel Project) 

2013 Place/Displace/Replace: Art Practice in Situ, SVA Gallery, New York Another, fourfold, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, New York. Triskaidekaphobia, Parade Ground, New York City.

2013 People’s United Nations (pUN), Queens Museum, New York.

2013 Time After Us (with Ernesto Pujol), FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française), St. Paul’s Chapel, New York.

2006 BA Thesis Show, University of Hull, Scarborough.