Jordanian, B. 1987

Shady AlHady is a Jordanian artist, illustrator and creative director. Shady was born in Kuwait in 1987 after his father was forced to leave his home country of Palestine due to the Israeli occupation. Growing up in Kuwait, Shady developed a passion for graphic design and animation, inspired by Arab pop culture of the past and present. He later studied in Amman, Jordan, earning a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Arts from the Applied Science Private University in 2009. Upon returning to Kuwait, Shady pursued a career in arts and advertising. He is currently the creative director of Ghmza, an entertainment production house focused on talent development and original productions.

Education History

2009 BA in Graphic Design and Arts, Applied Science Private University, Amman, Jordan

Artworks Coming Soon!

Artworks by Shady AlHady will be available soon, stay up to date on our Instagram for more.