Sonic Plume I - Bawa
Sonic Plume 1
Faris AlShafar

Sonic Plume 1

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Sonic Maps is a series that explores a form’s immediacy and movement within permanence. Unlike his other works, which often take days or even weeks to complete, the works from this series are created with a more systematic approach. Each mark in the following compositions are informed by the mark created before it, and each form grows depending on what surrounds it. By avoiding an intricately planned composition, and approaching a blank surface with rapid and uninterrupted flow, we are presented with certain types of arrangements that would not have been achievable otherwise.

Graphite on Maruman B5 hot-press watercolor paper, 242gsm
35.5 x 25cm.

certificate of authenticity

This artwork comes with a proof of ownership called a Certificate of Authenticity.