Sinkhole, 2015
Sinkhole - Bawa
Sinkhole, 2015 - Bawa
Sinkhole, 2015 - Bawa
Jassim AlNashmi

Sinkhole, 2015

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The Blur Series is an ode to the collaborative process between a camera and its photographer. A series of dye-sublimation photographic prints on aluminium, the artworks are of photographs taken with a Lubitel 166+ Lomography film camera, which is a 2008 reproduction of the original 1977 Russian design, the Lubitel 166. Each photograph in the series is an abstract visual interpretation of a specific location. Throughout these works, we learn that the camera is equally capable of telling a story on its own, acting as the artist’s partner rather than the artist’s medium.

As the title suggests, this photograph was taken inside of a sinkhole in Oman. This image represents the illusion that the camera has created by fabricating a horizon through a light leakage.

“The interesting dichotomy is that you are in a hole where you can’t see the horizon, but the photo decided that the sunlight is going to come in and blast half the photo, creating a false horizon. Its as if the camera has a sense of humor and its trying to mess with me.”

Year of Printing: 2023

Artwork includes materials for hanging on the reverse.

Size:Small 20 x 9cm. (Edition of 20)

certificate of authenticity

This artwork comes with a proof of ownership called a Certificate of Authenticity.