Outlaws - Bawa
Outlaws - Bawa
Hisham Sharif


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His painting career began predominantly in black and white, with Hisham admitting he was struggling and “didn’t feel colour at the time”, creating dramatic figurative works during this period and beginning his Outlaws series, a collection immersed in darkness which explores the political situation in the wider region and the dynamic between the oppressor and the oppressed. Soon after committing himself entirely to painting, he moved away from figuration and onto seascapes in the Rage series (2018-2019), which he painted with great sensitivity and depth, subtly allowing new and muted tones into his everyday palette. In these works, Hisham explores the power of the sea, stating in an accompanying text: “[the wave] plays its role of violence and destruction but also creation and rebirth through the depths of time. We go but the waves continue.”  

Text by Mysa Kafil-Hussain

Acrylic on Canvas
140 x 180cm.

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