earthen depths, heavenly heights - gallerybawa
earthen depths, heavenly heights - gallerybawa
Rua AlAwadhi

earthen depths, heavenly heights

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This series delves into the intricate relationship between humanity, the earth, and the sky. It portrays human interaction with the land: upon arrival, the landscape undergoes a metamorphosis into urban sprawls, initiated by the carving of the earth, extraction of materials, and subsequent refinement. However, the expansion of cities often unfolds through thoughtless replication, devoid of a profound comprehension of our environment.

The aim of this series is to shift our gaze from terrestrial realms to the celestial and spiritual dimensions. This transition is captured through the juxtaposition of boldly sculpted earth against subtle, vanishing columns descending from the sky. The gradual decay and dissolution of these columns as they near the ground underscore the imbalance wrought by human intervention. Charcoal was selected as the medium for its capacity to convey both sharpness and delicacy, crucial for articulating the conceptual depth of the artwork.

Charcoal and panpastel on Fabriano Academia paper with rough finish – 300 gsm – 50% cotton paper
Charcoal on paper
100 x 70cm.

certificate of authenticity

This artwork comes with a proof of ownership called a Certificate of Authenticity.