Drowned World - Bawa
Drowned World
Faris AlShafar

Drowned World

Sale price4,000 KWD
Drowned World is Faris’ first venture into oil painting and his largest work to date. A clear translation from one medium to another, Faris effectively transmuted his two-layer approach of watercolor and ink into a deep-layered and multidimensional composition on canvas. Using this as an opportunity to explore the spectrum of form, Faris uses a seamless process of mark making to flexibly build thin layer upon thin layer of oil until a form is realized. Drowned World explores the phenomenon of bioluminescence, depicting an abstracted seabed with forms arranged in melodic harmony. A subtle palette of green and yellow accent the sprawling blue forms, and hints of scattered light provide the composition with its supernatural atmosphere.
Oil on Linen

76 x 61cm.

certificate of authenticity

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