Sketch for "Our Search for Other Planets" - Bawa
Sketch for "Our Search for Other Planets"

Sketch for "Our Search for Other Planets"

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The Sketch for ‘Our Search for Other Planets’ is the first iteration and plan for the artwork titled, Our Search for Other Planets.

“Without lifting the pen from the page, I started drawing tumbling scribbles to maneuver my thinking. My pen was fine and light enough for limbs and faces to gestate from the scribbles.”

Initially created in response to a prompt by the Kuwait National Council of Arts & Letters with the theme of ‘Cosmic Fantasy’, this work on paper depicts a scene that stands uniquely amongst Dalia’s overall series. Transporting her stylized characters towards an extended outer space, the artwork explores the grand appeal of our expanding universe. In the infinite vastness of space, our earth becomes virtually non-existent, and thus neglected. The piece finds Dalia pushing the envelope of physical depth and size, with figures positioned both extremely far in the distance and those occupying the foreground with detailed expressions and textures. Beyond this, the artwork extends beyond the anchoring composition and finds itself exploring the limits of the frame, with visible plans for the extension of the scene.

Colored pencil on paper
23 x 30.5cm.

certificate of authenticity

This artwork comes with a proof of ownership called a Certificate of Authenticity.