Movement Capture #62 - Bawa
Miramar AlNayyar

Movement Capture #62

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“Since 2019, movement has been the focus of my creative exploration, tracing back to how I learned to paint. I recall being fascinated while observing my father's hands freely and confidently moving on a painting or sculpture, realizing that this material is coming to life through his movement.”

Miramar’s inaugural presentation on Bawa explores her ever-evolving series of works called Movement Captures. These were created following the artist’s excursion to Wadi Araba in Jordan, an arid valley that stretches from Za'farana on the Red Sea coast to the Nile valley north of Beni Souef in Egypt. Fluid formations found throughout the rocks and caused by erosion sparked an intense curiosity, and her interest in the patterns extended beyond their visual appeal.

“In the patterns, I saw ocean waves, movements of dancers, and faces of people I had never met. This experience left me with an awareness of a primitive earthly connection, stimulating unexplored parts of my psyche; I found myself in those formations.”

The works achieve a great sense of depth and flow through a rich layering of thinly applied acrylics and oil paints. Experimenting between canvases and wood panels, the numbered works act as an evolutionary thread of the artist’s experiments in capturing her own natural movements as a single frame of a painting. Each motion of the artist is rendered with precision and spontaneity, expressing delicate layers of color that give the compositions their liveliness.

“The rock formations that shape our landscapes are the result of millions of years of erosion, and to me, they serve as a reminder of the ongoing evolution and growth that we experience as individuals.”

Acrylic and oil on unstretched canvas sheet
30 x 25cm.

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