Oculus, 2016
Oculus, 2016 - Bawa
Jassim AlNashmi

Oculus, 2016

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The Blur Series is an ode to the collaborative process between a camera and its photographer. A series of dye-sublimation photographic prints on aluminium, the artworks are of photographs taken with a Lubitel 166+ Lomography film camera, which is a 2008 reproduction of the original 1977 Russian design, the Lubitel 166. Each photograph in the series is an abstract visual interpretation of a specific location. Throughout these works, we learn that the camera is equally capable of telling a story on its own, acting as the artist’s partner rather than the artist’s medium.

Oculus was taken in a New York City subway station and references an oculus structure on the way up and out of the underground section of the station. The circular shape of the oculus, as well as the light that it lets through, intrigued Jassim to capture it using his trusted camera. The warped and distorted circular light of the developed image conveys an element of high-speed motion, perfectly capturing the artist’s travels during this time as well as the iconic movements of the city’s subway system.

Year of Printing: 2023

Artwork includes materials for hanging on the reverse.

Dye-sublimation print on aluminium
45 x 110cm. Edition of 10

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