salmah almansoori

You brought me back to life

“For me, the act of painting is a way to heal and process what I am going through, processing visuals and emotions. I reflect on what I have seen and the experiences I have had in specific places and spaces. This series of work references different cities around Saudi Arabia as I wandered through them on a road trip."

"I looked at specific elements, analyzed the landscape, and investigated the existence of abandoned objects all around. I questioned the shifting roles of human beings, their objects, and the landscape they existed within. I documented what I witnessed to preserve the memories of that fleeting moment, In discovering familiarity in new locations, I believe that each place leaves an imprint in shaping and molding our identities.”

Through layering and mark-making with spices like red chili pepper, Zaatar, and turmeric powder gathered from Saudi locales, Salmah delves into reconstructing what these places mean to her. The textures of spices evoke varied landscapes, forging a connection to memories etched in those spaces. “Watercolors and mark-making build upon this foundation, abstracting objects and landscapes as I perceive and experience them, creating a visual narrative that holds deep personal meaning."