charity exhibition

Concept م by Mawheba

The following series of works showcases the debut catalogue of Mawheba, a non-profit art therapy program based in Kuwait dedicated to presenting art created by hospitalized children.

The works are a testament to the creativity and resilience of these young artists, offering a glimpse into their unique perspectives and talents. Each piece tells a story of hope, courage, and imagination, reflecting the joy and healing power of art in challenging circumstances.

Proceeds of this exhibition go towards supporting paediatric psychosocial and paediatric palliative care for children. Please inquire below the artwork to purchase.

About Mawheba Foundation

Mawheba is a non-profit art therapy program to help hospitalized children explore their personal and creative talents, to provide opportunities in nurturing young local talent, to provide hospitalized children with a staircase to societal integration, to bring people of diverse backgrounds together.